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Pipe Lining Solutions is the locally recommended and trusted company to call on to clean your drains or take care of your septic service needs in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and nearby areas. These are services we provide with the aim of being efficient and thorough while keeping costs in check. We also offer special promotions to make our services even more affordable.


The Role of

Fully Flowing Drains

It's easy to take drains for granted. However, when home, business, or industrial drains clog, backup, or do other unexpected things, the role of fully flowing drains becomes clear. Well-functioning drains also make it much easier to go about your daily routine and take care of any tasks requiring effective drainage.

Leave Drain Cleaning to the Experts

Drain cleaning generally isn't something you should tackle yourself. The main reason is that incorrectly using a drain snake or other cleaning methods could damage pipes or push debris further down. In addition, over-relying on corrosive drain cleaning products can create entirely new issues. Fortunately, our local drain cleaning specialists are a phone call away when drains need expert cleaning.

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Understanding Hydro Jetting

One of the ways we clean residential and industrial drains is with hydro jetting. Involving pressurized water, hydro or pipe jetting blasts away anything clogging or blocking pipes. The cleaning process becomes even more efficient with a nozzle attached to the hose inserted into the drain line being cleaned, which helps break up tree roots and wash away stubborn debris and pipe scale.

Common Septic Issues We Address

Plumbing backups and foul odors are among the signs suggesting you likely have septic-related issues requiring professional attention. Septic systems in South Florida can be affected by a variety of factors related to regular use and conditions within or around various parts. Some of the more common septic-related issues we address include:

Backups and clogs

Slow drainage

Accumulated sludge and debris in the tank

Tree root infiltrations

Advantages of Our

Septic Services

By counting on our septic services, you'll reduce the risk of being surprised by messy and costly septic backups. Regular septic service is also what plays a role in boosting the life of your septic system. Our full range of septic-related services includes:

Routine pump outs and cleanings

Septic system repairs

New septic installations

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What Makes Us A Top Team

We're local and familiar with the issues that tend to affect drains and septic systems in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and nearby areas. This allows our services to be personalized to unique client needs. Our commitment to A+ service from start to finish also includes:

Honest, competitive rates

Promotions and other savings opportunities

State-of-the-art technology that further saves you money

High-quality work performed by a friendly crew


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