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Aging, worn, or damaged sewer or drain lines in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and nearby areas are no match for Pipe Lining Solutions. We help our residential and industrial clients revive and restore pipes with fast, effective solutions that include CIPP lining. It's an incredibly versatile repair method that produces long-lasting results quickly and affordably.


Understanding CIPP Lining

CIPP stands for cured-in-place pipe lining. It's so-named because the existing pipe is left in place as a new coating is applied. Once this coating, which is a durable epoxy resin material, solidifies or "cures," a new surface free of any imperfections or flaws is what remains. The actual pipe restoration process with CIPP lining is usually completed within a day.


CIPP lining comes with an impressive list of benefits. For starters, it spares the existing pipe, which means no heavy machinery. Also, we won't have to bring the older pipe or soil to the surface, which makes CIPP an environmentally friendly process. What's more, you won't have to worry about landscape or concrete restoration costs when the work is done. CIPP lining also saves you money since we can do the work with less labor and in less time than traditional dig-and-replace repair.

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The Big Issues We Address

CIPP lining addresses a broad range of pipe issues. These include everything from the damage associated with tree roots and age to problems caused by corrosion that often affects older cast iron pipes over the years. Even small gaps in pipes can be addressed with cured-in-place piping as long as the rest of the line is stable.

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We know pipes, and we know what's important to our clients. This is why our focus is on trenchless options that include CIPP lining. We make this time-saving, cost-effective technology easily accessible while keeping our clients satisfied with added benefits that include:

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If the idea of restoring your residential or industrial pipes in South Florida rather than replacing them is appealing to you, Pipe Lining Solutions is here to help. Our experienced local team makes the process extremely productive and beneficial from the moment you reach out to our pipe lining specialists. Contact us today to learn if CIPP lining is right for your needs or to schedule an appointment.