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Pipe Lining Solutions makes sure to give our clients clear, reliable answers and sensible solutions that save time and money. This definitely applies to our camera inspection services. We use high-tech video inspection equipment to look inside pipes and offer accurate assessments and service suggestions.


How Camera Inspections Work

Often completed within an hour, a camera inspection is a quick and easy process. It starts with the insertion of a flexible cable with an attached camera into the pipe being evaluated. This is typically done through an existing access point called a cleanout. The lighted camera is slowly manipulated along the length of the pipe. Images are then displayed on a monitor, which we also record for reference and review.

What We Check

During a camera inspection, we check for any irregularities or signs of damage. We also check for anything related to other signs of a problem with your sewer lines. If you're experiencing issues with several drains, for instance, we would look for sources of blockages or obstructions. When evaluating sewer lines, we generally check for:

Places where water is gathering where it shouldn't be found

Sagging or "bellying" along the span of the pipe

Signs of tree root intrusions

Structural damage – e.g., cracks, fractures, or collapsed or partially collapsed areas

The overall stability of the pipe

Allow Us to Confirm and Detect Leaks

We're just as diligent and precise with leak detection as we are with sewer inspections. Even if you only suspect a leak, give us a call to find out for sure either way. Our accurate, fast, and affordable leak detection services allow smaller or more contained leaks to be discovered and addressed sooner rather than later.

Benefits of

Our Inspection and Detection Services

Taking the guesswork out of diagnosing sewer and drain issues is one of the top benefits of our inspection and detection services. With leaks, finding out for sure if you have a leak and where it's located reduces the risk of costly property damage. Since we use modern, high-resolution equipment, we're also able to quickly complete inspections without exploratory excavation and other disruptive methods.

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We're leaders in innovative, cost-effective technology. This extends to the full range of services we provide for our residential and industrial clients. Become one of our clients and you'll soon see for yourself what sets us apart, a list that includes:

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Find out for sure what's going in within your sewer or drain lines by making Pipe Lining Solutions your first choice for video inspections. We also run promotions that give you a chance to save even more on our services. Contact our team today to schedule a camera inspection.