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Pipes, while durable, may still break at some point. Regardless of what's happening with your residential or industrial sewer lines in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and surrounding communities, don't put off having repairs professionally made. Pipe Lining Solutions is here to help you do this efficiently and affordably.


What Causes Pipes to Break?

Even in sunny Florida, pipes can break from unexpected changes in temperature and other weather-related issues. Additionally, sewer lines can be affected by the wear that occurs with age and regular use. External factors, such as the materials that go down drains, can also affect sewer lines in a way that contributes to breaks.

Common Signs and Culprits

Tree roots are the natural enemy of sewer pipes everywhere, which is why one of the biggest culprits behind sewer line breaks is damage from underground roots. Lack of general upkeep and maintenance is also on this list. Sewer lines can also break if they are made of materials like cast iron, as these tend to be susceptible to corrosion. Some of the symptoms that go along with broken sewer lines are:

Foul odors around sewer lines or connecting drains

Issues with drains in and around your home or business

Damage to your lawn, landscape, or foundation

Higher sewage-related bills

How Do You Avoid Broken Pipes?

You can't completely avoid everything that might cause a pipe to break. However, what you can do is reduce this risk by being mindful of regular maintenance. We can help you out by performing regular sewer camera inspections. This allows us to identify smaller problems immediately and address them before they become more noticeable and lead to costly issues. It can also be helpful to be cautious about what goes down the drains that lead to your sewer lines.

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Let Us Take Care of the Problem

We solve issues with broken sewer pipes through our range of trenchless solutions whenever it's possible to do so. This is something we're often able to do with CIPP pipe lining, which preserves sewer pipes by creating a "new pipe" within the old one. The result is restored home, business, or industrial sewer lines without the disruptions that go along with traditional repair methods.

The Local Standouts

Our name says it all at Pipe Lining Solutions. We offer cost-effective, client-specific pipe lining options that allow us to repair broken sewer pipe lines promptly. We also treat clients to top-quality service that includes:

Convenient payment and scheduling options

Budget-friendly pricing

FREE camera inspections of your sewer lines (upon job approval)

Special money-saving promotions


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Sewer pipes need to be free of flaws to be a much-appreciated asset for your home or business. We help our clients achieve this goal by responding promptly when sewer lines are broken and/or leaking in any of our service areas. Contact our team today and let us repair your pipes right away. We serve clients in:

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